Frozen Yoghurt: Chacun Ses Goûts

As the weather in Paris is getting that bit warmer, my yearning for something a bit cooler is getting stronger. As I’m a die hard addict of frozen yoghurt, I made it my duty this weekend to find the ultimate ‘yaourt glacé’ venue in Paris. Receiving an impressive 4.6 star rating out of 5, “Chacun ses Goûts” has a lot of positive complimentary customer reviews and is only a few … Continue reading Frozen Yoghurt: Chacun Ses Goûts

Parisian Pride in the Service Industry

“We love you. Except when you’re annoying.” These nine syllables are inked at the bottom of every single receipt at Holybelly, an up and coming café in the Parisian brunch scene. We were greeted by a snaking line of a dozen or so customers eagerly awaiting 10 am, when the doors to the land of eggs, pancakes, and bacon open. This seemingly innocent display of … Continue reading Parisian Pride in the Service Industry

‘Nada’ Atelier

These origami-inspired handbags first snatched my attention at the Sunday Bastille market. Amongst the hollering fruit vendors and the oyster food stands, a flash of canary yellow beckoned me. This bag was bright enough to be outrageous (but too bright to silently steal in a crowd) with thick, strong navy blue handles, and large enough to carry all the detritus that nanny life requires. Made from … Continue reading ‘Nada’ Atelier

La Belle Ronde Crêperie

I’d actually been to this crêperie before with a friend and we’d done that super awkward thing of sitting down and then realising that we didn’t want anything on the menu (that day we were specifically craving cake) and so we got up and crept out hoping no one noticed. They definitely did. A few months later I felt that my shame had diminished enough … Continue reading La Belle Ronde Crêperie

Pretend ‘Acai’ bowl

Just a very quick simple but delicious breakfast idea, packed with goodness but as cheap as it is cheerful. I’m usually a die-hard porridge girl, but sometimes when the sun is shining I like to change it up and pretend I’m on a beach somewhere exotic. I topped it with some homemade granola but go crazy with the toppings. Nuts, seeds, chopped fruit, coconut shavings- … Continue reading Pretend ‘Acai’ bowl